A Guide For Lift Kits For Trucks in Tyler, Texas

There are few things as fun as a lifted truck! For an enthusiast, the work to get their truck lifted can be as much fun as the result! For most off-road truck fans, a lift, wheels and some big tires are the first things on the shopping list. Most trucks have a little bit of forward rake from the factory, which is desirable for aerodynamics, but diminishes the aesthetics. The best way to get rid of the rake and improve the capability of the truck is to drop by Woody’s in Tyler Tx and pick up a lift kit. Woody’s deals with most lift kits and our Tyler, TX shop can take care of the install. Not only will you get the look you’re after, but the new generation lift kits will retain the great quality ride most new trucks have.

There are several different types of lift kits, but all kits accomplish the same basic thing. Raising a truck, Jeep or SUV is the best way to gain the clearance to fit larger tires, or to add the ground clearance you need to make it through whatever off-road situation. Keep in mind that lifting a vehicle will change the vehicles dynamics, while not necessarily hurting ride quality it may feel different than before. To determine what the best options to satisfy your lift kit needs, it’s usually best to stop by our Tyler, Tx store to speak with our experienced staff.

A good measuring stick for the amount of lift you need is by first determining what size tire you would like to run. By first determining the tire size needed, our specialists in Tyler, Tx can provide several lift kit options depending on your budget and capability needs. Come on down to our store in Tyler, Tx, or give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you with your lift kit or wheel and tire needs.

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