A Guide to Lift Kits for Trucks Tyler TX

As a local automotive facility that specializes in off-road vehicles, we can install lift kits for trucks Tyler TX to give your vehicle the height it needs to maneuver hills and bumpy terrain. Lifted trucks look great, are more off road capable and allow you to safely navigate most terrains in all types of weather.

Why Get a Truck Lift Kit?

Most SUVs and trucks come equipped with standard suspension systems that aren’t conducive for fitting the larger tires often needed off-road use in mountainous or rural areas. These large tires let you drive in snowy or muddy terrain without struggling.

Installing a lift kit raises the truck’s suspension several inches above regular factory suspension level. This lessens the chance of damage from rocks or debris. Raising a truck’s clearance enables it to climb steep hills and cross streams or rivers.

Choosing the Rights Lift Kit

Professionals recommend installing brand-name lift kits designed and built specifically for each truck’s year and model. Most suspension lift kits are between four and six inches high, though kits may go up to 18 inches. Extreme lifts may cause unstable handling and are usually installed only on professional off-road trucks. New tires and other modifications may be necessary when installing a lift kit. Your off-road specialist at Woody’s can provide you with the best aftermarket accessories and lift kits for trucks in Tyler Tx.

Other Factors to Consider

Your truck’s center of gravity changes when driving with a raised suspension. Depending on the height and several other factors, this may make the truck unstable when turning at high speeds. A raised truck may exhibit more body roll when turning on an off-ramp or similar banked roadway. Take some time to become aclimated to the feel of your vehicle after installing a lift kit especially before driving on challenging terrain. If your truck is under warranty, check with your dealer regarding any restrictions regarding suspension lifts. U.S. law prohibits manufacturers from canceling warranties when aftermarket products are added to a vehicle, but if the truck is damaged due to lift kit problems, they can deny your claim.

At Woody’s Accessories and Off-Road, our mechanics have years of experience installing lift kits for trucks Tyler TX. We’ll find the best truck suspension lifts, tires and other accessories to customize your vehicle into a sturdy and safe off-road powerhouse. Our technicians have over 70 years experience total, and we offer a full line of truck aftermarket products. Call us at 903-592-9663 for more information about truck lift kit installation and our other services.

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