Custom Truck Accessories In Tyler, TX Makes For A Sweet Ride

We have come a long way since trucks were just for cowboys and farmers. Trucks are now front and center and they are the envy of many, especially when their owners know how to “accessorize”. Texas is known for being big, so it is no surprise that custom truck accessories in Tyler, TX are a big deal too.

Top ten lists can be found for just about anything including truck accessories. Take a look at what is in demand for your truck to look and perform its best.

Mud Guards: Not just about advertizing or cartoons, mud guards offer protection from mud, rocks, sand, and other forms of debris.

iPod/MP3 Connections: You have to have some music when rolling along. Easy connections keep your favorites at your fingertips.

Tailgate Protectors: A million things slide across a tailgate. Keep its purpose and beauty strong with some great protection.

Custom Wheels: Versatile is the word that says it all, hard working and good looking at the same time. One of the first accessories noticed on a truck, make your wheels eye catching.

Bed Liners: Not only a tough protection but they keep your truck’s bed in good shape.

Custom Floor Mats: Even though it might be a working vehicle, floor mats keep the inside looking first rate even for a date night. Mats are a great protection for the carpet from dirt and stains.

Fog Lights: Nothing wrong with an extra pair of eyes. They hang down low and are ready to light the way even through dense fog to safety.

Running Boards: What a difference it makes getting into a truck with running boards. Some even automatically fold up and down.

Satellite Radio: Stay in touch with the world, 150 channels of talk radio and music. They provide company on any drive.

Heavy Duty Trailer Hitch: Built for pulling, a must have accessory that puts your truck into a whole new dimension of work and pleasure.

There is always more to add, actually your desired accessories may be entirely different, but that’s okay. It is all about making it your own, putting your stamp on it, and being proud of the end result. Possibly, a never ending project, might be the perfect phrase best fitting custom truck accessories. You are the one in control and you make the choice.

Woody’s is the place to find custom truck accessories in Tyler, TX. You name it and we might just be able to help you make your truck a sweet ride and an awesome sight to behold.

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