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Your truck is your baby. All of us at Woody’s understand that. That’s why we make sure that we carry the best selection of auto parts in Tyler, TX, for any truck, car, SUV, ATV, or Jeep you bring into the shop. Our goal is to help you make the best choice in how to refresh or deck out your vehicle for your needs and wants. And believe us when we say that there is plenty of work that can be done to optimize your off-roading experience, add some flash or put your vehicle in its best selling condition. When considering modifying your vehicle, think about some of these performance enhancing jobs we’ve done.

People are always looking for ways to get their Jeep leveled just right. Well, we think we did just that with this job. Trucks or Jeeps generally have a certain amount of “rake” from the factory. This usually means that the front is lower than the rear. New body style Jeeps come from the factory with quite a bit of forward rake, so the rear looks high. This is great for people who do a lot of hauling in the back because the extra weight doesn’t drag the rear further down than the nose. Others prefer to get this leveled out because the rake prevents them from fitting bigger tires. A leveling kit is one of the favorite choices for people looking for aftermarket auto parts in Tyler, TX.

There’s more than one way to level out a vehicle, though. A leveling kit is usually perfect for these factory rakes, since the difference between the front and rear suspension is usually only a couple of inches. If you are looking to fit on the larger, aggressive tires, then this option is a great way to do that while on a budget.

Now most of you who are looking to fully deck out your vehicle are looking for the best off-road parts available. That means, besides raising your vehicle, you want to find the best tires, mud flaps, mud guards, shocks, air intake systems, and more. As possibly the best shop for auto parts in Tyler, TX, we carry all of the additions, and support you could want for your vehicle, whether its for hauling, off-roading, or just preparing to sell. With 70 years of experience between the staff, your car’s additions will be in good hands.

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