Woody’s East Texas Truck Accessories: What to Buy for Your Truck

A truck owner in Texas takes pride in their vehicle. Having a truck customized and running at the top of its abilities can be a Texan’s best friend. But while you can take measures to improve your truck’s engine and suspension, some East Texas truck accessories can make your truck better in other ways. Here are a few of the more popular accessories and what they can do to improve your truck and its performance.

1. Camper shells


A camper shell is a rigid canopy which is affixed over the bed of the truck. These shells can have multiple uses, from simple protection from rain and wind to acting as a camping cover as they are named. They can be made from fiberglass or aluminum and should be fastened over the truck bed. While some camper shells have windows built into them, they are essentially sealed against the elements. They also provide some protection against theft.

2. Grille Guards


The grill of your truck is typically sturdy to begin with. However, a grille guard will provide even more protection for your front end. A good grille guard is a metal rig attached to the front of your car, and can help protect your robust engine from a certain degree of damage. Another reason to invest in this out of all other East Texas truck accessories is that it acts as a brush guard. If you go off-road, having this on your grille will keep you from getting brush scratches and marks. You can also mount powerful lights to your grille guard.

3. Spray-On Bedliners


The bed of the truck, being one of the most used utilities on the average truck, should be protected by preventative maintenance. Most beds aren’t used to haul huge utilities, but even trucks which are used for conventional transport and light hauling can be subject to wear and tear. When you use spray-on Bullet bedliner, you cover any blemishes on your truck bed, and you protect it from further damage with the help of high-strength material. Spray-on bedliners do not require much upkeep and come with a lifetime warranty from Woody’s East Texas truck accessories.

Your truck can be and should be a mark of pride for you. The addition of accessories and customization will make your car more versatile and capable of doing everything you might need for it to do. Whether you go off-road or haul large cargo or simply want to keep your groceries from getting wet, these East Texas truck accessories will help your truck live up to its potential.

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